STRAVA has announced that it is shutting down the facility that lets you sync your data from STRAVA to CW.CC / RiTMO, with immediate effect.

At this point we are attempting to talk to STRAVA to see if we can find a way to work together to keep the popular facility open. We’ve not heard anything back from them yet, but we’re optimistic that we can reach an agreement as we can’t see how anyone would benefit from the facility being closed down – least of all you and the many thousands of other cyclists wanting to share data with STRAVA & CW.CC.  

We’ll let you all know how we get on with our talks with STRAVA.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of other ways for you to upload rides to CW.CC / RiTMO

  1. Direct from you Garmin device 
  2. Upload GPX, TCX or HRM files
  3. Sycn with Nike Plus 
  4. Add rides manually
  5. Coming soon - RiTMO iPhone App 


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