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  1. Great After sales-Customer Care

    SELLE ROYAL - Fiz-ik Saddles = Excellent Customer Care. Well I'll explain : About two weeks ago, while out on a ride; my Fizik Antares Saddle cracked in the under support plastic, the saddle dipped in...

  2. Rear Wheel Noise - Tick- click when Peddling.

    While out cycling earlier today; I noticed a ticking clicking from the rear wheel; this is only there when peddling ! Not there when free wheeling. could it be the cassette? the rear mech? hub bearing...

  3. Warm & Dry - From The - Wind & Wet. Jersey's - Jackets; Socks

    OK, I'm a real freezer during the winter months; and cycling gets a bit; Hit-n-Miss. The beginning of this Winter; I decided to get some quality protective clothing. bought myself a Castelli Perfetto ...

  4. Compact chainsets?

    Just bought the new style compact = 52/36 with a 11/28 cassette. during the 1970's I did TT's and road racing on a 52/44. with a 13/18 free/wheel cog.

  5. Word Association


  6. Moved Home!

    Recently moved home from South Wales to Trowbridge in Wiltshire. We're in and back on the Internet,  and BT phone line. just need to get out on my bike; just need to find my cycling gear.   Anyone e...

  7. Stage 6 Giro d'Italia 12/5/16

    Valverde   Roche

  8. Stage 5 Giro d'Italia 11/5/16

    Kittel   Roche   

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