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  1. Stage 11 Vuelta a Espana 31/8/16

     Still got those lucky argyle undies on! Andrew Talansky, Joe Dombrowski xxxx

  2. Stage 10 Vuelta a Espana 29/8/16

    A specialist climber, you say Wuv? That rules me out, I positively get off and mince at the slightest incline, but I'll wager it's a toss up between Louis Meintjes and Hugh Carthy xxxxxx

  3. Stage 9 Vuelta a Espana 28/8/16

    I'm wearing my argyle print lucky undies today (actually I've had them on since Sunday) so it's got to be Andrew Talansky Joe Dombrowski.    xxxx

  4. Word Association


  5. Stage 8 Vuelta a Espana 27/8/16

    A sprinter that can climb?  Michal Kwiatkoski/the intoxicating Pippy Gilbert xxxx

  6. Stage 7 Vuelta a Espana 26/8/16

    Hilly you say, Lovely Wuv? In that case it's got to be a.... Louis Meintjes, Hugh Carthy 1-2 xxxx

  7. Stage 6 Vuelta a Espana 25/8/16

    Louis Meintjes (who WILL win the Tour one day)  and Robert Gesink (who, tragically, may not but nevertheless wins the Nobby K/Zipper Magazine Prize for Best Barnet) xxx

  8. Stage 5 Vuelta a Espana 24/8/16

    A sprint you say Wuv? End tout cas,  Zdenek Stybar if it's an arse in the air, eyeballs out jobby, aaaaaand Hugh Carthy if it's a breakaway (yaay, I love a breakaway, me) Muchos gracias, xxxxx

  9. Word Association

    Cover-Up (Institutional! should have been totally banned from international sport that might have focussed a few minds.)  

  10. Word Association

    Puerto (wot on urth cud u b insinuating Nobby - kleen as a wissul!)

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