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  1. Word Association

    BOTTOMS!!!! xxxx

  2. Word Association


  3. San Sebastian Classic 30/7/16

    Only meeeee! Straight off to a winning start with Adam Yates Dan Martin Thankyou lovely Wuv xxxxxx

  4. C&G training

    Maybe not quite what you're looking for but ATG Training run a number of CYTECH courses in Aylesbury. course.php

  5. Tour de France final standings 25/7/16

    I DID IT!!!!!! See, MsTree - True class will always out!!!!! Thanks Wuv my heart, much appreciated as always. Who'd of thought we'd all be so bad at the KoM - who am I to talk!!!! Next year Romain! xx...

  6. Stage 20 Tour de France 23/7/16

    Cenner Hice Valerie is what my phone thinks Valverde should be called. And I changed it twice. Stupid phone. Apologies for the confusion. :D Bloody predictive text, although I can't for the life of m...

  7. Word Association

    Urine (apparently)

  8. The Mad Chemist...'Where for art thou?'.....

    I realy don't see what all the fuss over the use of Evening Primrose Oil is about - my hair has never looked so luxuriant and as for the hot flushes... I tend to agree with the divine BIG over MAMILs ...

  9. Word Association


  10. Stage 21 Tour de France 24/7/16

    Alors, no Cav according to Facebook 😢 Ergo Marcel 'the Hair' Kittel and for sheer balls, Sam Bennett Merci bien pour tutti tutti, Wuv xxxxx

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