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  1. Log your bike ride - here!

    Why do you reckon that is JohnStrac? The CTC mag and Cycling Plus gave it great reviews. CP took it for a test ride on The Struggle and loved every minute of it. OK, it's on the heavy side and both re...

  2. Word Association

    Pessaries (actually...)

  3. Log your bike ride - here!

    45 miles on the fabulous, fabulous Wiggle Road Bike (purleeze CYCLING WEEKLY review this bike and prove that Cycling Nirvana is yours for £250 quid!) Up to Bentworth (how apt!) then lost for a bit ne...

  4. Word Association


  5. Word Association

    (The five gates of) Hell (I'm wearing one whilst we speak...)

  6. Giro d’Italia. Stage 21. Monza – Milan. 28km ITT.

    Tom Dumoulin et Bauke Mollema sil vous plait Mademoiselle Arbre xxxx le temps 34.29 xxxx

  7. Giro d’Italia. Stage 18. Moena – Ortisei. 137km

    Best holiday Evah? Obviousment the Island of my conception! Shanklin apparently...

  8. Giro d’Italia. Stage 20. Pordenone – Asiago. 190km

    Avast Behind!!! But enough about my seamanly fantasies - the finely sculpted cheekbones of Bauke Mollema and Joe Dombrowski please MsTree xxxxx

  9. Giro d’Italia. Stage 19. San Candido/Innichen – Piancavello

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again! Hugh Carthy and Bauke Mollema Purleeze MsTree. I wonder if either of them would be interested in seeing a picture of my new boil? Love n Kisses, The Shimano...

  10. Giro d’Italia. Stage 18. Moena – Ortisei. 137km

    The Queen Stage you say? I should be good at this then... Bauke Mollema and Hugh Carthy's big breakthrough.   Mucho Grassears MsTree xxxx

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