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  1. Word Association

    Buck (quiet at the back BIG! I've got a cold... As in 'common as buck' sniff) xxxx

  2. Word Association

    Pecker (as in how a chicken gets its food...)

  3. Log your bike ride - here!

    Just got back from a hilly CTC Early Season 50 which gave me the opportunity to check out the £250 Wiggle Road Bikes we'll be using for JOGLE in September. IT'S THE DOG'S DANGLIES!!!! 14 crisp shifti...

  4. Word Association

    Warlocks (How a Geordie refers to their hair..)

  5. Word Association

    Evening (all) (Few pleasures in life that can quite match up to being pulled up by the Fuzz...)

  6. Word Association

    Kojak (in a roll neck sweater...)

  7. Word Association

    Paddle (sticking with the nautical theme, as we were BIG!) xxx

  8. Word Association


  9. Word Association

    Zipper (a cracking read for the discerning young buck about town)

  10. Word Association

    Eduardo ( There are an embarrassing legion of cast off paramours I refer to as 'him' however the hairy shouldered beast will do for now. Bitter? Me Dear? No Dear... xxx)

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