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  1. Word Association

    Winchester (home to the legendary new boy band, La Mina Ting, The Railway Inn, Thursday November 9th 7.30 pm, admission free) Think Howard Jones meets the Clash uptown. The keyboard player is particul...

  2. Worlds 2017 Elite Women's Road Race 23/9/17

    Yet to miss a dope test, my vote goes for a Hannah/Alice Barnes 1-2 please Wuv.... X

  3. Worlds 2017 Elite Men's Road Race 24/9/17

    Time to vote with the loins again... Warren Barguil and Tao Geoghan Hart puleeze Wuv The world would be a much better place if we all went with our loins more often, I'd never have ended with Eduardo ...

  4. Worlds 2017 Elite Women's Time Trial 19/9/17

    Annamiek van vleuton and Hannah Barnes, if you'd be good young Wuv 23.49 ( the exact time of my conception on the Isle of Dreams.) Stand by your beds... X

  5. Worlds 2017 Elite Men's Time Trial 20/9/17

    Rohan Dennis and Marcin Bialoblocki if you please young Wuv, in precisely 19.58 (coincidentally the year of my birth, conceived on the Isle of Wight doncha know... X

  6. Worlds 2017 Women's Team Time Trial 17/9/19

    Canyon and Sunweb I reckons, in precisely....... 56.49 xx

  7. Worlds 2017 Men's Team Time Trial 17/9/17

    Time Trials! My favourite! BMC and Katusha, purleeze Wuv 52.16 xxxx

  8. Vuelta a Espana 2017 Final Standings

    MsTree Nobby you beat me by 6 points!  We bibliophiles have to stick together MsTree x

  9. Vuelta a Espana 2017 Final Standings

    Yaaaay Maglia Nera and Lanterne Rouge again! I rock! Thanks a billion Wuv, you are a star! X

  10. Still not sure what bike to go for Help

    Hi Tony,  welcome  aboard! Do you have  a particular  budget in mind? Some flat bar road  bikes  can roll almost as fast as drops.  One advantage  is that you have a more  upright  riding po...

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