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  1. Crank size

    I hope that you're not implying that the 'Bike Fit Industry' is a load of old cobblers BIG, you naughty boy? I've just shelled out £230 on a pair of Napha 'Beetroot and Quinoa' flavoured insoles to c...

  2. Log your bike ride - here!

    Desole to hear of your experience of 'terrible wind in the Congleton Area' TMC, would it help if I offered to come up and rub cream on the affected area?   Personally,  I always leave the jetwashing...

  3. Starting by saying Hello

    I think maybe I will slap on my diamante sou'wester and slip on my George Michael deck shoes and pick a lttle something up down at the docks in Lymington Wuv, good thinking....

  4. Mechanical Cheating

    Eeeeek Wuv, are you allowed to say that  (about EM) out loud???? Why only a year or two ban - I thought you'd come over all butch like me! It's a bit like the MPs Expenses Scandal - if we did it, we'...

  5. Word Association

    Ribbed (Oooh look, I've just passed the 2000th post milestone, I wonder if the good Captain Augustus ViMTO will present me with a glistening pearl necklace?)

  6. Too Swift Team?

    Hi Mo, is there really a Hull Team Swallow? How fab! I'm more of a Saturday Night at the Bricklayers Arms/Madame JoJo Team Swallow sort of chap.... Been to Hull quite a few times, hundreds of years ag...

  7. Mechanical Cheating

    BIG! My sweet! Life ban for all forms of dopers, they are the scourge of the sport! And if any national federations give derisory sanctions (hello Spain, Russia and sundry former Soviet Republics etc)...

  8. Too Swift Team?

    I've been a member of Team Swallow for years... Howsabout Team StrangeBuzzingSoundComingFromTheBottomBracket?

  9. Starting by saying Hello

    Wuv, dearest heart, you are the King of the Prediction League whereas I am just a silly old QoM - no-one else could run the PL with such wit and pith! Besides, who else but a Venerable Parcel Force em...

  10. Word Association

    Babylon (one for all you Boney M fans out there or, maybe the fabulous Ruts...)

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