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  1. London Surrey Classic 30/7/17

     Sam Bennett / Ben Swift in the Classic aaaaaand me for the 46!!!!!! xxxxx

  2. Word Association

    59! (in actual fact Johnstrac! Of course I don't look a day over 24!)

  3. San Sebastian Classic 29/7/17

    Ola Luverly Wuv! Warren Barguil and Hugh Carthy if you please! Of course the Ride London 46 is a foregone conclusion! Naturally, modesty forbids...

  4. Word Association

    SPAMALOT! (Is it me, or is there an awful lot of processed pork polluting our hallowed forum? Bring back the Fat Controller....)

  5. Tour de France 2017 Final Standings

    Mucho grass-ears Wuv! I'd blow your trumpet anytime....

  6. Stage 18 Tour de France 20/7/17

    The date Wuv was a fabulous success thankyou! Hooked up with guy I last saw when I left primary school back in 1969! Now a man of the cloth, he's been diagnosed with the Big C and given 6 months left ...

  7. Stage 21 Tour de France 23/7/17

    Well my darlings it just has to be Thomas Voeckler!!!! But, if I have to choose a sprinter then... Swifty xxxx Thanks Wuv for all your hard work xxxx

  8. Stage 20 Tour de France 22/7/17

    Ooh looky, a time trial, my favourite!!!!  Warren Barguil/Romain Bardet. Le temps, 35.22 merci bien mon brave xxxx  

  9. Stage 19 Tour de France 21/7/17

    Thomas Voekler et Louis Meintjes pour moi, s'il vous plait mon amour xxxxx

  10. Stage 18 Tour de France 20/7/17

    And now, voting entirely with the loins... Bardet et Barguil s'il vous plait Monsieur Luverly Wuv xxxx

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