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  1. Word Association

    Gross (apparently, I've always found it kind of fun...) X

  2. Tour of Lombardy 1/10/16

    Romain Bardet or Warren Barguil, please Wuv. Although knowing my luck it'll be whoever's asthma is playing up worse the night before the stage....

  3. Word Association

    (No matter, a TUE) CERTIFICATE (will do nicely...)

  4. Word Association

    Asthma (is 'barebacking' a term in the Rules for winning a bike race without the use of an inhaler?)

  5. Old vs New....can the bike be too light?

    Hi David, in the absence of the much lamented bfergie, it does sound like the CERO's might be too 'superlight' for you, depending on what it says on your scales. Even at the, ahem, speeds I go on my b...

  6. Word Association

    Cottaging! (I shouldnt wonder! Eduardo is SOOO last year BIG! you naughty boy. I'm currently in the market for a new squeeze if Simon Richardson of GCN is reading this....) X

  7. ENECO Tour 19/9/16 - 25/9/16

    My THIRD Maglia Nera in as many races - I am on FIIIIRE!  Thanks Wuv for keeping the Forum alive. Mucho grass-ears, NobbyK xxxx

  8. ENECO Tour Stage 5 TTT 23/9/16

    Hearts! Flowers! Sweethearts! and the scores on the TTT doors are.... Fozzie 500 10pts + 10pts for the nearest time, only 4 seconds out!    20pts Wuv.          11pts NobbyK, Cenner Hice.   10p...

  9. Word Association


  10. Word Association

    Hot pants (I'm wearing them now!)

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