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  1. Word Association

    Pies (as in custard, although personally I like nothing more than a fresh cream horn...)

  2. TUEs, Whereabouts, And Other Murky Business.

    Definitely not BIG! Team Salbutamol, sorry Sky, have taken 'marginal gains' to a whole new level with their abuse of TUE's, corticosteroid injections and eyebrow raising percentage of 'asthmatics'. BC...

  3. Word Association

    Fringe (I used to have one, you know, and a crown....)  

  4. Word Association


  5. Prediction League 2016 Final Table

    Tutti tutti Grazie for a fab year on the Predictions League Wuv, much appreciated! If it wasn't for that Pesky Mostyn, that Maglia Near would be mine! And black's SOOOO slimming don't you find.... xxx...

  6. Word Association

    CORRECTION! Mwah, hah, hah!

  7. Word Association

    Oysters (you can tell I'm from the Frontline that is Winchester...)

  8. The Mad Chemist...'Where for art thou?'.....

    Baaaad Kharma all round Sir Jon!!! So I guess this means no cycling for a while and what's to befall your magnificent collection of velocipedes - mine prefers a nice warm lounge but then so too did th...

  9. World Championships Men's Road Race 16/10/16

    Joking aside MsTree, what's Flutiform? Ironically, I'm asthmatic too (as opposed to  Team Salbutomal 'asthmatic') and my doc keeps chopping and changing my preventative inhaler, I suspect due to cost...

  10. World Championships Men's Road Race 16/10/16

    Not a fan of D Millar, MsTree???!!!??? Is he perchance 'asthmatic'..

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