• JOINED: 05 Nov 2006
  • COUNTRY: United Kingdom
2,324.3Distance (km)
30.1Avg Speed (km/h)
77:12Hours (h:m)
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    Cafe ride with the Wybers boys today, punctured and had to chase as the message didn't get through to the front.

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    fozzie 500 38 mile Saturday for me headwind all the way round, then on the last descent was in heavy hailstone,followed by heavy rain all the way home....which was nice.  7 mile in on sunday,punctur...

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    Week off work and got out after missing the weekend with stomach trouble (not nice), 8:09 faster than the last time I did this route so that's good. 

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    Same route as Tuesday and a little bit faster even though it was windier.

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