Pro RiTMO: Marianne Vos' Worlds ride

Ever wondered how your RiTMO rating stacks up to the pros? Here we take a look at three time world champion Marianne Vos’ ride from this year’s world women’s road race through Florence, and just how she did on the RiTMO scale. 

First off, if you didn’t manage to catch the women’s race and only the men’s, you’ll be pleased to hear the world’s best female riders didn’t face the apocalyptic conditions that the men experienced the following day. In fact, the women were faced with almost perfect cycling conditions as they took on the tough course in Tuscany. 

The course itself was a fraction over 140km, so unlike the men’s 270km marathon, the sheer length of the course wouldn’t have been enough to earn Vos a rock-bottom RiTMO score. With five ascents of the Fiesole totalling 23km of climbing though, the course was still a massive test. 

All-round cycling superstar Vos carried an impressive speed of 37.5km/h over the course, averaging 1.6 kilometres per minute, culminating in a RiTMO rating of 1.8. To put that into perspective, CW.CC would have scored a…well we probably wouldn’t have made it that far. 

Britain’s Lizzie Armitstead, who rolled in at nineteenth in the prestigious race, scored slightly below Vos with a 2.2, still averaging a mighty 36.6km/h over the 03:49:28 it took to complete the race. 

Olympic silver medallist Armitstead was dropped on the fourth of five laps around picturesque course, but at least she finished it…unlike some GB athletes that weekend. 

Now here at CW.CC we know most of us won’t be able to compete with the numbers of a world champ, but we know a lot of you like to test yourselves over new distances and with new goals. So why not see if you can match the distance and elevation gain of the world championships course? Or if you’re more inclined to the shorter distances like CW.CC, why not log the half distance?  

We’ll be featuring more pro RiTMOs in the future as well as others, so if you’ve got anyone you’d like to see, just drop us a message or leave a word on the forum.



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