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The formula used to calculate our RiTMO ratings has been updated, making it better and more meaningful for everyone. 

This means all of our RiTMO Scores and Ratings have changed. But be warned: the new RiTMO scale is much MUCH tougher!

Over the past 2 months the boffins have been busy analysing the staggering amounts of ride data uploaded to RiTMO and looking for ways to make RiTMO better. Now they have made some big changes, involving some mind-bogglingly complicated maths but, in plain English, here’s what you can expect to see from the new formula… 

Easier on long hilly routes

The new RiTMO formula makes a more generous allowance for climbing and endurance. So for longer, hillier rides you can expect RiTMO scores to come down (or get better). 

Harder on short flat routes

Under the old formula, it was easier than it should have been to get a good RiTMO score on shorter flatter routes – it’s was too generous if you like. With the new formula, the scoring will get a lot tougher on these routes, so your RiTMO scores on flatter, shorter routes are likely to go up (or get worse).

Much tougher overall

For most of us, RiTMO will feel tougher overall because most of us ride flatter routes more often than mountainous ones. So, it’s quite likely overall average RiTMO Ratings will go up (or get worse) for most people. This is a good thing as, until now, far too many people had RiTMO Ratings of zero making it meaningless to them. Now if you score a zero you really are an exceptional athlete.

All historical scores & ratings updated

Oh, in case you wondered, all of your historical rides and RiTMO scores have been updated using the new RiTMO 2.0 formula. So all rides in the system are scored using the same formula.

Why didn’t we just leave it as it was?

After a few weeks of launching RiTMO it became clear that far too many rides were scoring zero on the RiTMO scale. This meant there was a whole bunch of varying performances all lumped together on zero, with no way of differentiating between the very good and truly exceptional. The new, much tougher, RiTMO scale means virtually no rides score zero, so all have a meaningful RiTMO score.

The other issue with old RiTMO was that it was ‘comparatively easier’ on shorter flatter routes. This meant that a good time trial effort would score lower than an equally good endurance or sportive effort and most peoples best scores tended to come when they went fast on easier routes rather than when they tested themselves on tough routes.   Now, for most of us, unless you really are TT specialists, our best scores will come on the tougher routes.

It’s not you; it’s the formula

At first, seeing your score go up may feel a little dispiriting. But, remember, if it does, you haven’t of course suddenly got worse at riding, it’s just the recalibration of the RiTMO scale, to make it better and more meaningful for everyone. Plus, we’re all in the same boat of course, which is what really matters.

A better, more universal RiTMO

Much as Chris Hoy and Chris Froome are at once ‘equally remarkable’ yet ‘entirely different’ cyclists, a RiTMO of 5 gained on a short, flat route should be an equal achievement to a  5 gained in the mountains. That’s the nub of what RiTMO does: it’s a way of comparing performances on different routes with different levels of climbing on one scale. This update makes RiTMO better at doing this, which we hope you agree, is a good thing all round.

Feedback & questions

As ever, your feedback is very welcome. How do the new scores look? Do you scores seem to match your performances? Do you have any questions?  Please click here and leave us a comment.

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