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  2. Paris-Tours 8/10/17

    Cavendish Gaviria Thanks  

  3. Tour of Lombardy 7/10/17

    From south east London. How did we do today? Our race was a fairly straightforward affair.  NobbyK 0 stvn 0 Everyone else picked Nibali, MsTree, TroyUK, Cenner Hice, fizban, wuverley 40. Well done al...

  4. Tour of Lombardy 7/10/17

    From the Garden of England  Majka V Nibali Thanks  

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  6. Paris-Tours 8/10/17

    Hello again. I'd like your predictions, please, for Sunday's Paris-Tours, our last prediction this year. The route is 137 miles from Brou (not very near to Paris) to Tours (where it's always been). Th...

  7. Tour of Lombardy 7/10/17

    Hello. I'm back and I'd like your predictions for our penultimate race of the season, Saturday's Tour of Lombardy. It's a testing 155 miles from Bergamo to Como. It's the 111th edition of this Monumen...

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