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  1. What's Your Max Speed?

    About 38mph. That seems to be my terminal velocity  

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  3. Log your bike ride - here!

    Cycling is good. There's no doubt about it

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  7. Prediction League Final Table 2017

    Cheers. I'm not sure what I'm going to do in the evening for the next few months. 

  8. Prediction League Final Table 2017

    Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. And anyone else, inclusivity is today's watchword. It's been a long seven months, we could even have started earlier if I'd got my act together. Thank you MsTree fo...

  9. Word Association


  10. Paris-Tours 8/10/17

    Good evening from Hampshire. It was our last race of the season and we mostly struggled with predicting it. (Believe it or not I nearly went for Trentin, I expect everyone else nearly did too...) So h...

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