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The Virtual Box Hill Race

The Virtual Box Hill Race is based on the Cycling Weekly ...

The Virtual Box Hill Race is based on the Cycling Weekly Box Hill Original Sportive and allows all and sundry the chance to conquer the distance and elevation of the short course, while also getting a little bit more competitive.

All you need to do to enter is log a ride between now and November 30 that is at least 43 miles long and has at least 2,808 feet in elevation gain. You'll need to do it as quickly as you can, with the fastest riders in our designated categories winning exclusive prizes.

01 Oct 2013
30 Nov 2013
Virtual Race
69 km

A virtual climbing test

If, like many of us, you can’t make the real life Box Hill Sportive that’s happening on October 13, then here’s your chance to complete it without even having to turn up, and even better – it’s free! 

CW.CC presents the Virtual Box Hill Race, based on the short course of the Box Hill Sportive. The aim is straight forward: you’ll need to complete at least a 43 mile route with a minimum of 2,808 feet in elevation gain to successfully finish the race, but it’s completely up to you when, where and how you do it. 

It’s a tough challenge, but you can ride for fun or ride to win and is definitely a great way to test your climbing capabilities one last time before the season draws to a close. 

Not just for the super fit 

Just like the real sportive, there are categories for all abilities, so there’s a great chance for everyone to win. 

·         Gold category: Finish in less than 2.5 hours and you’ll automatically be entered into the gold competition. There’ll be a prize for both the fastest male and female in this category.

·         Silver: You’ll have to record a time under 3 hours to slip into this category, where there will also be a prize for fastest male and female.

·         Bronze: This is the category for those of us who come in to the finish past the 3 hour mark. Best male and female prizes again will be awarded.

·         RiTMO 10+ Champion: Regardless of your category, there’s a prize for the best finisher with RiTMO rating of over 10.

·         RiTMO 20+ Champion: All of us down in the 20+ RiTMO ratings will also have the opportunity to win against our closest rivals. There’s a prize for the fastest rider in this category. 

Every finisher will receive an exclusive Virtual Box Hill Race finisher certificate, as well as that unique satisfaction you can only get from conquering a big climb. 

All the winners will receive a one off personalised Virtual Box Hill Champions t-shirt, along with all the bragging rights. 

Tempted? Here’s how to get going and start logging rides…

1.       Sign up or Log-in to CW.CC

2.     Click the “join” button above or click here to join up.

3.     Upload all your rides between now and November 30 – the leader board updates with your fastest times automatically  

4.      Check back here to see how you’re doing

Keep on riding to improve your times

If you think you can shave a bit off your time by going a bit harder, just go out and have another go. Or if you end up cracking on the first climb, you can have another pop at it next weekend. You can keep logging rides to get your overall time down.

Any routes, anywhere, anytime

You can ride any routes at any time you like. So if you want to conquer the elevation gain over 10 small climbs, you can or just one big hill if you prefer. As long as the course meets the requirements and the weather is looking spot on, go out and have a go. Course selection and tactics are all part of the game. 

You can plot your route using the CW.CC route planner right here, so you can be sure you'll get sufficient elevation gain!

Logging rides

There are a number of ways you can log rides

1.   Use the RiTMO Ride Tracking iPhone App – record your ride and sync wirelessly with CW.CC

2.     Upload a ride directly from your Garmin device – plug in your Garmin and away you go

3.    Sync with your Nike plus account 

4.     Export and upload a GPX, TCX, FIT or Polar HR file from your favourite app or device. Most GPS devices and smartphone apps let you export rides in one or more of these file types so chances are you can carry on using your favourite.

Cheating is bad for the soul

Cheating is pretty easy to spot, so if the temptation of skulduggery flashes before you, be strong and resist. You stand to gain nothing apart from the opprobrium of your fair-minded cycling companions. Besides we all know cheating is bad for the soul. 

Be safe and courteous

We know we don’t need to say it but we’re going to say it anyway: ride safely and courteously when out and about and do your best to keep it nice and friendly on the discussion board.

Terms and conditions 

By joining this race, you acknowledge and accept that it will entail physically challenging activities and some of the techniques featured in the challenge may be suitable for advanced runners only. Individuals participating in the challenge do so at their own risk and anyone under the age of 18 should be supervised by a responsible adult. Participants must seek medical advice if they have any injuries or medical conditions. Protective & appropriate clothing should be worn at all times. Participants must obey all traffic controls and signage whilst undertaking the challenge and are solely responsible for ensuring that they comply with all applicable traffic laws. To the fullest extent permitted by law, IPC Media Limited and Training Diaries Limited exclude any and all liability to participants or any third parties arising out of or in connection with an individual’s participation in this challenge.

Cycling Weekly reserves the right to query or ignore any entries that it believes contain falsified data. All activities must be logged by midnight GMT 30 Nov 2013. For all other standard terms and condition, click here.