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Le Petit Tour de France

Alright, the pros might ride 162km (100 miles) every day ...

Alright, the pros might ride 162km (100 miles) every day of the Tour but we’re not all super fit, highly trained cycling machines are we? So here’s a more realistic “Le Petit Tour de France” aimed at normal riders.

29 Jun 2013
21 Jul 2013
Total Distance

Here’s a great reason to get out and ride your bike as well as watching the pros do it on the telly. The pros cover an astonishing average of 162km (100 miles) for every stage of the Tour – a barely conceivable feat for most of us. Our challenge to you is a little more manageable: you need to cover the 162km in total while the Tour de France is on. 

Do it and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a cycling goodie bag worth £100!

You can do it in a few long rides or lots of shorter riders; it doesn’t matter how you rack up the miles, so long as you’ve covered them by the end of the Tour.

Plus there are 3 spot prizes up for grabs for riders logging the most kilometres during the challenge…

  1. Most kilometres logged  by any rider
  2. Most kilometres logged by a rider with RiTMO Rating above 10
  3. Most kilometres logged by a rider with RiTMO Rating above 20

We do it this way, so everyone’s got a chance, not just the super fit  or talented among us.

If you’re the deserving spot prize winner, you’ll get a one-off CW.CC Le Petit Tour de France T shirt, customised with your name and distance you covered in the challenge.

How to Enter

Join this challenge group by clicking the “join” link above (you’ll need to be a registered member – click here to sign up if you’re not already a member)

  1. Sign up or Log-in 
  2. Upload your rides by the end of the tour, roughly 20:35 GMT 21st July 2013.
  3. Keep checking back to this page to see how you’re progressing on the challenge leaderboard.
  4. Tell the world about this challenge on Facebook & Twitter, #RiTMO

That's all there is to it; keep checking the group for leaderboard updates and to find out which members have won a prize.

Terms & Conditions

Cycling Weekly reserves the right to query or ignore any entries that it believes contain falsified data. Unless indicated otherwise, this challenge includes both outdoor and indoor cycling. All activities must be logged by midnight GMT 30 June 2013. For all other standard terms and conditions, click here.