Will GB cyclists win BBC team of the year at SPOTY?

Well they must have been filming them for something, and I can't think of another team that is more deserving.
Although I do admit to being a little biased.
We've been trying to get some info out of the Beeb, but they wont tell us a thing!

  1. Would you - if you knew for certain - in ALL honesty be able to keep it a secret?? I suspect it would be 'leaked' very swiftly...OR, is this that very leak?!?!?!

  2. Wish Nicole Cooke could get something for her victories this year :mad:. Bloody disgrace I say :mad:

  3. I'm sure the swimming websites are flooded

  4. I think we have had such a great year for GB sport that it is difficult to predict who should get the award, but lets wait for the results before we get all annoyed and upset about who may or may not win the award.

  5. i reckon chris hoy should win the spoty but won't, cos he's not deemed as high profile as some diddy driving around in a rocket powered 4-wheeled killing machine.
    so, by way of scant consolation, the cyclists will get team of the year.

  6. Good statement, visioninlycra, you may well be right. Cooke should win it though.

  7. Some how I think that the British Olympic Team as a whole will get team of the year, not just the cycling part of it

  8. Are there any other succesful British teams apart from cycling?

  9. Fear fatboy could be right :(

  10. Are there any other successful British teams apart from cycling?

    I think the rowers/sailors got a couple. ;)

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