My God! It's been ages

but I've been out and about cycling more seriously than ever in years these last four months all weathers - great to be back and I've even welcomed the cold wind!! Great resistance!

  1. I'm happy to hear you're enjoying cycling. It's a great pastime.

  2. Welcome back Scouser. Is the chain holding out?

  3. I bought a new one last week Dang. Is that wrong?

  4. Just one??? Pah! :p

  5. Have you fitted it yet?

  6. yep.... is that wrong too???

  7. Don't you carry a spare?
    PS Are you keeping well Scouser?

  8. dang

    PS Are you keeping well Scouser?

    Arrrgh no, don't get him started!!

  9. LOL! Yes believe me the same chain is holding out nicely - since the early 1980's!! I've decided to spend no more money on the bike as it's rusting up, it's had a few crashes. All that said I've had no end of people these last few months admiring the frame and components - and I have to admit it gives a great ride, handles brilliantly and moves fast. Of course I paid a lot for it in 1980 but it was handbuilt to top spec'

    Myself I'm doing fine - being a bit more respectful of myself over recent months - not living quite as recklessly or carelessly.

    My father died over Christmas - and it all makes you think a bit. Enjoying my cycling once more.

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