Drugs....an idea.

Im not sure about the legal ramififications but any thoughts on the use of Polygraph`s ( Lie detecters)to examine those who fail tests?..now that would be interesting!

  1. They are said to be 96% accurate, so you would have to accept that four out of every 100 athletes tested would unjustly loose their livelyhood. You can also be hypnotised into passing a lie detector. If you convince yourself that you have done nothing wrong you will not exhibit the signs a lie detector picks up on.

  2. As high as 96%....i read somwhere it took a lot of training ...given to spies to pass em. Not sugesting alone they would stand but in conjuction with a possitive medical id think thered be fairly conclusive.
    Hypnotised...could be suspicous if Paul McKenna starts turning up at bike races...lol

  3. There was an American, working for the CIA, but spying for the USSR who passed lie detectors for 15 years by...lying.
    They never found him out, it was only when the KGB crumbled away that the Americans found out about him. I forget his name.
    I don't know if lie detectors would help to stop drug cheats.

  4. Ex spies that ride bike races...dont think theres to many of em!..But yeh, I think ive heard about that case....did an awfull lot of damage and cost a lot of operitives there lives i believe. As i sugested...only in conjuction with a possitive medical.

  5. Freeze all the "clean" samples for later testing, as an when new tests are made available, the IOC is now doing this i do believe, abit of a tickin time bomb!
    Failing that, thumb screws work well.
    Did anyone get laid BECAUSE they rode campag?

  6. Did anyone get laid BECAUSE they rode campag?

    Yup Sarah Campagnolo, fine Scots/Italian lass I knew at Uni!! :D

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