Your vote for Race Bike of the Year 2007

With waiting lists being what they are, it's time we started to think about this summer's Race Bike of the Year test - nothing to do with a bit of escapism from the wonderful British winter, honest ;)

As you may have noticed in this week's issue of Cycling Weekly (Jan 11th) we've asked for your thoughts on just which bikes we should test. Any number of machines spring to mind that we've not yet tested in Race Bike; for instance, the new Colnago Extreme C Power, the Look 595, Cervo R3, Cannondale System Six or perhaps the Giant TCR Advanced. All are bikes that we rate and we'd love to pit them against each other, but what would you like to see tested?

Stick a post on this thread and let us know.

Mike Hawkins

  1. OK, for my tuppence worth I reckon a great bike to shortlist for RBOTY 2007 is the (new) Orbea Orca. I have just taken delivery of a frame in bronze, and Orbea have kindly written my name on the top tube at no extra charge. I have an original Orca which I love but was sadly damaged in a crash last Summer, and I can't wait to build this one up and ride it in the better weather - Record, Schmolke, Lightweight wheels - it's going to be seriously sweet!
    Great reviews from those who have ridden it, including a journo from a rival mag who was riding a Parlee Z3 on a Pyrenean jaunt I did last year who said he didn't want to give the Orca back after a day's test ride in the Pyrenees during last year's Tour, light at 1.1kg for a 57cm frame (but not stupidly light), stiff, comfortable, great handling, lifetime warranty, a decent range of colours to match your team kit, and several prebuilt options as well as a frameset only package at very reasonable prices from Europe's largest bike manufacturer. What more could you want?
    Incidentally, the crashed Orca has been successfully repaired by a local firm who specialise in carbon fibre and fibre glass mouldings, so will be the summer training bike - all is not lost! ;)

  2. I'd like to see something from the budget end of the market in amongst the top end stuff to see how it compares. Maybe a Flandria or a Focus, or even a cheapo kitted out with Mirage or Tiagra componants. It would be interesting to see exactly how much real-world difference there is between bikes from the bottom end of the enthusiasts machinary and the exotic stuff most of us only dream about.

  3. Working on the premise that if something looks good - it probably is good, how about testing the new cento from Wilier. Another good looking bike has got to be the Koga Miyata FullProMonocoque. Or how about the GranRacer from the same manufacturer.

  4. If Boonen really is going to ride one at Paris-Roubaix, you've got to include the Specialized Roubaix S-Works.

  5. It would be great seeing Pinarello Dogma, Wilier Le Roi, Wilier Centano, Fondriest Top Carbon, Ridley Domacles, Cyfac Nerv Carbon, Pinarello Paris Carbon, Look 595, Specialized Tarmac SL rated in your publication. Combination of high end carbon and magnesium framesets.

  6. you can keep them all im happy with my Battaglin performer.
    for now :D

  7. What about a version of the Raleigh that Nicole Cooke rides?

  8. What about a version of the Raleigh that Nicole Cooke rides?

    Is that available for the public to buy. Been on to Raleigh's website and the top end race bike on there is only 519.99

  9. i have been mostly riding a scott CR1 for a couple of years and if the addict is even better i would like to nominate that.

  10. got to agree with "chippers"
    With Millar Simoni & Mayo riding for S Duval a SCOTT Addict has got to be on the list?
    And make it a 7kLimited!!

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