Shimano STI LH Lever

I have a Cannondale which runs 105 sti 10 speed, it is about 4 years old. Last month the left hand STI lever failed and I took the bike into a bikeshop in Berlin, where I live. I collected it the next day and it was sporting a new lever saying simply "Shimano Flightdeck" It has worked OK until today, when the chain started to come off from small ring to big, it looks like a triple changer has been fitted.
My German is not brilliant, I am going back to the shop tomorrow, but I would like to know whether I have been charged for a 105 unit, and have been fitted with some old piece of kit that they have had hanging around for ages.
I am also surprised that the unit failed, my other bike also runs 105, is 12 years old and has done loads more miles and I have just replaced the cables!

  1. Flight deck is Shimano's system for integrating the drivetrain with a bike computer. The cover plate on the shifter should say "Flight Dck" above "Shimano" and then "105"... like this for example
    A 3 position, triple compatible shifter should work ok, just requires the limit screws to be set to prevent it shifting the chain too far.
    Having read your post again.... you mention that it worked ok until very recently. So could be just a case of adjusting the cable tension a little to setup the gears again.

  2. Think Bespoke, has covered it for you! The tripple lever will work perfectly with the double chainset, as most new double compacts are fitted with tripple change levers, it also helps when riding in the big ring and changing to low gears, as you can centralise the front changer for smoother running of the chain, without going in to the small ring of the chain-set, some adjustment will soon see it working properly.

  3. Thanks both,
    Stupidly, I hadn't considered adjusting it! I still have this nagging doubt that I have paid top price for a piece of obsolete kit though. Put it down to experience and an incentive to improve my German. Still, if it works then that really is all that matters.

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