Reality check

Well been out on the bike granted very windy out there but didn't want to kill myself on the first outing did 4 miles with an average of 12.5 mph,I'm not as fit as thought I was

  1. Don't panic, fit or not fit makes little difference on your 1st ride out. Cycling is very muscle specific and takes time!

  2. Well 18 months ago I was an active martial artist until I broke 3 ribs in a tournament which have took along time to heal hence the lack of training,time to get back active and get back in the saddle lol

  3. Don't worry about the low average.Mine dropped to around 14mph on the Forme... back up to mid 17's once i got on the proper road bike (where i'm usually at this time of year)
    I just dropped my speed expectations on the is afterall a heavy hybrid,and yours will probably weigh slightly more due to the front suspension. Once you get used to 12-14mph, you'll enjoy the ride... i did.

  4. Ill be honest TMC I was excepting better results I was getting the same times on my old carrera fury which now looking at it was lighter than my peak trail ,but had maxxis tyres,I thought with the kedra block 8 I would have less resistance,but overall might be my lack of fitness :(

  5. Just weighed the peak trail comes in at 15 kg with all the bits on it,mate of mines just purchased a cube pro cross hybrid 2013 cost double the price if my bike and he's weighs just under 13 kg do people actuall notice the 2 kg difference? And if they do ill just lose more weight lol

  6. Sorry guys the cube weighs 11.85 kg so it's a big difference

  7. Believe me, it's the engine, On a Forme Alport 29er with Rapid Rob 29x2.25 XC tyres and weighs 14kg I can still happily sit at 16mph all day on tar and foorest trail. With the Winscar 29er that rises 1mph for a weight saving of 4kg so not a huge gain for an extra 1000...but the dearer one is much livlier so better for swift changes of pace.
    When I tested a Pulse sitting at 17mph was easy and comfortable. However you do drop 3-4mph compared to a racing bike but that's mainly the aerodynamic riding position so loosen the adjustable stem and rotate it down, get low, get fast. Even on road bikes I see folk trying to ride fast while sitting high on the hoods with a mile of spacers under the stem. Get rid of them in time, chop the bars to shoulder width, fit some bar ends and you will shift.

  8. Hi bfergie what I'm worried about is that I've been entered into the Manchester to Blackpool race on in July ( were doing it for a local charity and at this point I don't think I could the 30miles (hope were doing route 1) lol I've got a lot to do in 2 months if I'm not going to make a fool of myself lol

  9. Steve, what type of surface were you on for the 4 mile test ride? If it's road then you might find having higher pressure in the tyres will help - a pump with pressure gauge will help. Or try more road focused tyres.
    If your planned ride is this one you'll notice that in the rules it says that it is not a race. But it also says that it is 60 miles.
    If I were you I'd be getting a few miles in on the bike. Make sure that it fits comfortably and move the saddle up/down, nose up/down, and back/forward. Similar with the handle bars, as bfergie said. There's nothing wrong with messing about doing this, just take a multi-tool on test rides and be prepared to make adjustments on the roadside.
    If you haven't already, consider getting clipless pedals as you'll be able to pull up as well as push down - makes for a smoother pedal motion and shares the work across your leg muscles.

  10. Hi Allezhopper I just saw that there were 1-4 routes and I doubt ill be able to do the 60 mile ride I'm going to find out tomorrow what's been arranged( I've been on holiday for a week lol) all road but also windy conditions ,I've already removed the mudguard so I could lower the seat post slightly ill play around with the bars over the weekend and ill get some clips for the pedals and see if they help,it's all working progress as they say

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