Race wheels?

I have a pair of deep-section HEDs that I've had for a few years now, and as I set my bike up for a comeback into racing I found that the front hub is cracked at one of the spoke-holes on the flange. Now, I only  bought these, the HEDDeep-rear and the Jet-front in 1993 so do you think I should ask for my money back? It was very disappointing to find the wheel is unstable even just on the bike stand. I decided that a collapsing front wheel at any speed,maybe at 25mph if I can get that fast again might ruin my come-back! So I'm splashing out on some new wheels instead  which is actually quite exciting as I wait to pick them up. The rear wheel and hub seems fine but face-planting could be painful and embarrassing if the whole front wheel gave out as the thing sheared through! My local shop reckoned that the HEDs are not repairable with new, and also very expensive hubs.


Any thoughts?

  1. Yep buy a new Set of Wheels....93 to a 2017 Carbon Wheel Set you be competing in no time;))

  2. Thanks,


    I'll be trying out my newwheels next week  nodoubt!

  3. Well, for my race bikeI bought some American Classics that are very light, very smooth and I amextremely pleased with them. Theycostless than half the Mavic Carbons plus they accept 8-speed cassette [ remember thise?!] . I I wanted some new wheels for my best sportive bike for 11-speed  I would seriously consider these again rather than the £1500 or so for the Mavic Cosmic Carbon Pro wheels. They don't have the kudos of the Mavics but function beats form I think here. The name is less upmarket but so what? I am very happy with my choice and have set several PBs in the few weeks of riding them. For what it matters, they do look good enough as well.

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