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My mini pump, Wrench Force, about 6 years old, is really not doing the job. I'm lucky if I can get about 30-40psi. (I'm guessing as it has no gauge.) Any recommendations for a small but powerful mini - to be carried in back shirt pocket, not attached to the frame. I'm looking at the Lezyne Road Drive Mini ABS - it's 37.99 but gets very good reviews. It has a hose which seems to be rated a plus point - Is this a big advantage? (My old one just clips straight onto the valve.) Also, does having a gauge help as well? I don't think it matters that much as obviously no mini will ever get the ideal pressure of a track pump but would appreciate any feedback.

  1. I have a Topeak ALT that I'm pleased with.

  2. Advantage of the hose type connection is that you are less likely to snap the valve. Never had that problem myself but can see how it could happen.
    Typically minipump manufacturers claim fairly unrealistic max pressures and getting that last 20psi in can take a lot of effort.

    I usually just wantr to be able to inflate to 110psi but plumped for the Topeak "pocket rocket"... basically because it is small, fairly light and has a max specified pressure of 160psi.... so can probably get a bit closer to 110psi than the last few pumps that I've owned

    But after saying all of that... I also carry a mini CO2 inflator So the minipump is just a belt and braces backup.

  3. As BeSpoke I have a Pocket rocket on two of my bikes.
    Maybe slightly larger than the smaller pocket pumps(not by much) but I easily get 100+ psi from it.
    Very secure bottle mounting.

  4. My wrenchforce gets about 50psi in, enough to get home. I bought a little zefal one to replace it, as it's about 4/5 years old. It is pathetic. A good ten mins pumping last Sundays, got about 30psi in. I will look at the ones recommended here. Maybe should look at carrying a co2 canister too...... Never done that!

  5. Specialized mini air tool does easily 90-100psi and doesn't take that long either. Not the teeny weeny one but the thin one about 8" long is best...and has a bit in the handle for patches too

  6. OK so it sounds like I'm expecting too much from my Specialized Air Tool Mini road pump (6" long, presta valves only), and that it actually does a fair job for its size. It says up to 120psi and I've given up at 60psi (dark, cold, rainy), it just takes a while to get there. With a little pocket stretch it fits horizontally in my jerseys' middle pockets.

    I also carry a CO2 pump that I haven't needed to use yet, specifically the Giant Control Blast which is a CO2 canister and a small dual schraeder/presta nozzle. Here's what it looks like (as previously posted).

  7. After getting through a few mini pumps that promised 100psi but only gave 60 max (i'm guessing,as non had a gauge) i bought one of these:
    They got great reviews when they came out a few years ago,but then it seems to have gone quiet.I found it easy to use and it fits in my seat pack.

    The hose was one of the selling points to me,as i have snapped a valve in the past trying to get that extra 10psi in..

    I carry CO2 canisters on the Carbon bike,as part of an Innovations seat pack..

  8. Here's a link to the pump I use!
    I paid 22, for mine at LBS. Very lightweight and extremely efficient for a micro pump

  9. Mostyn I have a Topeak ALT that I'm pleased with.
    +1 very good:cool: pump

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