Looser fit tyres for older Mavic D2s

Hi I've just been trying to fit some Panaracers onto my rims and it wasn’t easy. 

They are 32c Gravel Kings replacing Panaracer Paselas.

As I was doing this I remembered that the Paselas had been a sod to fit too so that set me to wondering if certain brands are known for being very tight.

I haven’t measured the rim but suspect that its circumference is maybe on the generous side, and the tyres are on the tight side (maybe designed with the assumption that a lot of rims now have a v-section that gives more wriggle room?)
I also tried the tyre out on a newer, albeit boxy rim. While it was a squeeze I wasn’t risking a hernia.


So what I'm asking in a roundabout way is does anyone know of looser brands if such a thing exists.

I'm after a slickish style of 32c tyre hence my choosing the Gravel Kings.

Hope you can help!

Cheers Mark

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