Campag on Shimano

Just curious: I currently have a Colnago running on Shimano (10 Spd). If however I replaced the levers with Campag (10spd) and put Campag Wheels on but leave all the rest as Shimano, will it all work?

  1. Not right out the box, if you change the levers you need to change the rear derailleur too, the cassette has to be changed to match the wheels anyway. The front derailleur will be fine. You can get an aftermarked gadget called the Jtek Shiftmate to suit your requirements too.

  2. Cool. Many thanks for that. I have to admit I thought that they the derailleur would be agnostic of shifters: just as well I checked. Now I need to go through my box of goodies to see what I've got. Cheers. Podge

  3. bfergie You can get an aftermarked gadget called the Jtek Shiftmate to suit your requirements too.

    Such a device could save so much expensive strife in the divorce courts.

  4. Ha Ha - Too late I fear . . . .

  5. Colnago with Shi m an.......can't say it !!

  6. colnagodram Colnago with Shi m an.......can't say it !!

    It does leave nasty taste I know. Shimano on Colnago is so wrong too. That's why I'm trying to shift over to Campag, albeit it slowly :-)

  7. A word of caution, if you want to use a shiftmate, you need to be a little bit careful on the combination of shifter, mech and cassette. Site info suggests that the mech has to match either the shifter or the cassette. Campag shifter + cassette may not work with a Shim mech. So probabl best to check with JTEK first

  8. just out of interest - which Shimano 10 spd groupset have you got - 105 or Ultegra ? and why do you really want to change to Campag (apart from the fact that most people think that Campag belongs on an Italian bike). I've only ever ridden Shimano, and to be honest 105 on my two bikes works faultlessly - including last weeks Paris - Roubaix style on\off road ride we did.
    making the switch from Shimano to Campag entirely can be quite expensive....I think the shifters are the single most expensive part of any groupset.

  9. Just as FYI I have a commuting bike that has a Campag rear derailer and Shimano Uletgra shifters. It also has a Shimano reart cassette. It's a bit ecletic but it all works without any problems....

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