Boardman CX Team

Hi , I've been looking lately at the Boardman CX Team.
Halfords have it for 899.00 at the moment .
Review here .
Thought it might make a good Winter Bike and something I could throw around a bit more.
Do you think it is worth the money ?

  1. you want regret it great value

  2. nice bit of kit for the money....

  3. I have a Boardman Road Comp and pound for pound these bikes are hard to beat in my opinion.

  4. I recently got a used Boardman Pro frame that was a member of the GB development squads race bike. Its from 2006/7 so pre-Halfords era, I've been told its Mike Burrows design. Its the nicest (modern) frame I've owned, if Boardman bikes are still being made to the same standard I'd certainly endorse them.
    Checked out the review in your post and it looks like very good value.

  5. I want one of these for winter and nipping down the shops and going into town, and going down the library and...... Just so smart, way beyond the average MTB. Looks like I'll have to have another client try and rip me off and then spend three years going through the courts to get my money and damages!!!!! No chance now Im a student though!

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