RITMO not calculating

  1. Yes noticed today's ride had a score so just waiting for the previous ones to catch up

  2. The backfill is whirring away. Estimated it will take until end Monday to update all the rides...

  3. Can you help

    This activity still has no Ritmo score


  4. Hi Bob, there's still a few thousand rides being updated. I'll check that one again end of week...

  5. Lots of mine not updated yet but I appreciate you're working your way through.

  6. Backfill now complete. Let me know if any rides got missed...

  7. Hi 

    A couple of mine still have no score...


    Appreciate if you could take a look.

    Cheeers... Allan

  8. Hi Allan, that's done...

  9. Thanks for that. All OK now.

  10. Can you take a look at this ride please - no RITMO score. 


    Looks OK in Garmin Connect and Strava, and elevation is shown when I look at the 'Laps'.

    Ta... Allan


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