What price Wiggo now?

As in the title: if a Brit is going to win the Tour, then surely this year is our best shot since... well, ever, really? He's in form, the course is not too mountainous, there are the two TTs, and the man's even learnt to sprint! Short of giving him a head start, how much better can his chances get?

  1. I don't think we should talk about it, don't want to jinx him.

  2. I just dont like him !

  3. kevin10k I just dont like him !

    With 6 billion people in the world there's a fair chance that there'll be a few that you don't like. I just wonder how realistic a picture we get of people when viewed solely through the media, especially those people that are under constant demand by the media.

  4. I'm with Kevin on this one, for some illogical reason I cant warm to him but as a Wiggo sceptic I am starting to think (and hope) that he can do it. If only he would look just a little bit pleased with what he has achieved when being interviewed I think I would like him more

  5. Wiggins post Romandy interview I think shows his sense of humour, dry and wicked and doesn't necessarily travel.

  6. As an Irishman I naturally read Nico Roche's book. He reckons Wiggins is a gent, very approachable, and quick to offer advice to younger riders on the tour. Also reckons this is his year. I'm gonna take his word for it. C'mon Wiggo!

  7. Well, I'm hoping he can win the BIG ONE (Le Tour De France) this year! Although, I don't think he's got enough in the tank to see of the Schelk's. I'm certainly hoping he will win.

  8. I dont think that the Shreks will future in the Tour - too much time trialling and the descents scare 'em to death. My fear for Wiggo is that I hope he hasnt peaked too soon; but it's either that or everyone else are so far behind in their conditioning that they're looking really weak. That assumes, of course, Le Tour is in their sights for this year - Basso seems to be gunning for the Giro (his form sucks at the moment but could use the first week to ride in to contention; after all, you dont want to come to a GT with a finely honed edge but at about 95 - 90% and use the first week to get the remaining 5 to 10%) and Valv Pitti may be looking at Vuelta in his first year back.

  9. Wiggins won't get a better chance to win and I would love to see it happen but something tells me that he won't quite manage it. His best performances to date were 4th in the the 2009 tour and 3rd in last years Vuelta. Pretty good and will do well in the time trials, but still not the best climber and can't see him accelerating away from everyone to a mountain top finish somehow. More likely will probably just try to gain time in the time trials and shadow the top riders in the mountains (a bit like Indurain, I suppose).
    Andy Schlek is better in the mountains, could grab some time there, but will lose out in the time trials.
    Evans is a pretty good time trialer and was equal to everyone in the mountains last year. So has to be favourite to win again this year.
    Verdict:- 1st place goes to Evans. Places will be a toss up between Wiggins, AS, FS, Nibali, Basso.....
    Also looking forward to see some fireworks from the likes of Froome, Hushovd, Rolland, Boasson Hagen and of course Voekler

  10. I think Wiggo has already over-achieved, anything from now is a bonus. I don't think he will win the tour because of out-right talent but more talented riders could do with his attitude to racing.

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