Race DVDs - Why NO Vuelta, Milan San Remo, Amstel etc

Im quite new to the road racing after years of mtb riding. Ive got a few dvds including the 2008 spring classic set - I am just wondering why certain races are filmed by worldcycling.tv and others as in the title arent??

  1. Worldcycling don't film them.
    If you want a huge selection of races go to

  2. W.C.P.did the 2003-2004-2006 Vuelta which were available from the comic's shop as well as bromley from link dang gave you. I have managed to get the vuelta from past years.Including
    theres loads of early stuff around from the tour,giro,and most classics.Ive been a collector for awhile and have managed to get over 300 discs.Amstel and Het Volk are quite hard to get though.Send me a pm with your email addy and will try and help you.I don't come on here much so may take awhile to reply.
    P.S.Milan sanremo is sometimes on the Giro dvd's worth checking out.

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