Well the season is about to start in earnest(hopefully) You need to tip
1,your overall choice of winner
2,who you think will be King of the Mountains
3,who will be points winner
all entries have to be in before the race starts,you can change your mind up till then but once race starts thats it.
Please be patient till we get up and running,and have fun.There will be a prize for winner(s) thanks to Cycling Weekly.You don't have to enter everything,and you may join the competition at any race,keep an eye out here.

  1. Great stuff CC.
    I'm going to reserve my Paris-Nice nominees until after today's UCI/ASO meeting, when hopefully they'll decide which teams are allowed to ride! At the moment, I haven't a clue who is actually lined up to start.

  2. I'm in. Like Aphex, I'll get my bid in sharpish as soon as the start or team list has come out.

  3. No stage wins for Jez though!

  4. OK here goes ...
    1 - Overall - Alejandro Valverde, Iles Baleares
    2 - KOM - Cadel Evans, Lotto
    3 - Points - Paulo Bettini, Quick Step.

  5. Bettini - won't he be riding Tirreno?
    My predictions will be coming once the start list is out. And I don't mind saying that the rest of you might as well not bother, such is the uncanny accuracy of TheMightyThor's crystal ball.

  6. If you really were Mighty, you'd put your predictions in now. Otherwise you're just 'Might he?' (see what I've done there?)
    My predictions are:
    1. Leipheimer
    2. Ardilla
    3. Boonen

  7. Will that be the Tom Boonen who's never finished the race? He'll be up the road in Monaco before the final stage is over.
    TheMightyThor laughs in your face.

  8. James70 & MightyThor
    Get a room, you two!

  9. My predication are
    1. Jens Voigt
    2. Anthony Charteau
    3. Stefan Schumacher

  10. The Pro Tour teams will be allowed to start after all. The UCI could do little else really, or they wouldn't have had much of a race.

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