Was working at home today, timed my cup of tea break perfectly.
In terms of the prediction league, soon as I switched on Eurosport two of my three tips crash, Haussler and Contador. Damn!
Racing after that was awesome, split to shreds in the crosswinds, these guys knew they were really racing today. Loved seeing the Yellow jersey bridging the gap, Millar looked strong, Roche will be one to watch this season, Henderson timed his sprint perfectly.
The 'real' season has started..... :D :D :D

  1. agree with you on the real season...the phoney season has been out to bed but the wind was playing havoc ...the impressions from some riders tweets suggested it was a nervous day in the peleton but sitting in the armchair for the last just made for a great finish...a pure slog towards the end...i just hope i get to see tomorrows stage

  2. Was racing with then on my turbo, brilliant last 20km the wind liturely blew the race apart.

  3. so thats who i saw behind the rabobank car chasing like mad !

  4. that run in in stage 2 today was a disgrace,the road narrowed ridiculously due to street furniture and that after a variety of truly dangerous corners beforehand for a peleton going at full tilt.I hope the lampre riders ok,he seemed to get the worst of it after being the first to go down,was that jimmy casper doing the somersault?Who was the Garmin rider who went down?

  5. Dan Martin was the Garmin man, looked horrendous but no one seemed too badly hurt.

  6. Not the best run-in ever, poor planning IMO!

  7. Wow, Peter Sagan takes the stage today, after his second yesterday he looks like a real force. Only 20! Liquigas look very, very strong for the season ahead.

  8. Roache gave it his all today, perhaps used a little too much on the climb. Will this be his break through season?

  9. Personally i think he broke through last year, Amazingly consistant considering his age.

  10. Yep, two big names for 2010.
    Roche will be a force for the classics, seems to be very strong. Sagan was clever and mature in his finish too, plenty tactical nous there!

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