Only 6 Premier Calendars next year.

This is very bad news indeed. So we have a 1 - 2 in the Tour de France, a recent world road race champion, a british winner of the tour of britain, lots of domestic teams desperate for top quality home racing but guess what only 6 quality races to ride. What the hell is going on with BC? Come on fellas you need to take on some of the responsibility of organising and promoting races. We need top quality races around the country for our domestic based riders at least every two weeks. Thats about 20 top end races every year, which should include 3 to 4 stage races. BC should be awash with money - membership, race fees, sportives entry fees and sponsorship. They also employ a lot of staff can some of these not become race orgaisers???? Forget all the work in bring the TofF to Britain - our racers need races. What progress has been made over the last 10 years interms of putting on a full race programme for our elite riders? I was only looking at some old cyclings from the 70's and 80's recently and guess what - yes good quality races nearly every week from March to October. The olympics showed what can be done, and yes it does need professional paid organisers but to me thats the way we should be going. The current situation is not acceptable and BC need to do something about it and do it NOW. The Lincoln, Ryedale, Beaumont and East Yorks Classic are superb races, I go and watch them most years but more are needed or we won't have a domestic scene.

  1. Agreed, someone at BC needs to realise there's more to life than blazers and foreign junkets.

  2. Well, what is BC for? Is it just a governing body? A sportive organiser/regulator? A UCI enforcer?
    I don't know. It's never been clear.

  3. BC (British Cycling) is an organization that organize the British cycling race. So said that they decided only 6 in the next year calendar.

  4. The problem is BC expect individuals to organise top class events and then put a spanner in the works.
    I used to help the organisation of a Premier Calendar event, the Tour of the Kingdom in Fife. It attracted an international field before it was a Premier, and the organisers did a great jog of fundraising, logistics, police liaison, accomodation, etc, etc..... It ran for 25 years.
    When when it became Premier, the whole event changed - BC put a whole raft of rules/restrictions in place and the event became extremely difficult to organise - BC basically called the shots but didn't lift a finger to actually help organise anything!
    I for one am not in the slightest surprised we only have 6 Premiers, and it'd disgraceful - It's nigh on impossible to run an event to BC standards without them taking the lead.
    BC should take the responsibility for the future of our sport and employ regional organisers - people on the payroll who are tasked to come up with a full calendar of events - Elite races supported by 3/4th cat events, kids and junior races - basically cycling events over a weekend (Virgin Cyclone in Newcastle is a great format)

  5. BC = Budget Control of British Cycling; and the Big Craniums of the Powers that decide what will take place on the UK cycling scene! A really BAD CALL for British Cycling.
    I remember the days of years gone bye, when racing took place on a regular basis; What happened to alter it? RULES & REGULATIONS

  6. I had a feeling the "Girvan" was doomed when it moved to Dumfries to be just lacked something special after that

  7. Mostyn BC What happened to alter it? RULES & REGULATIONS

    Changing regions to suit sport england and lottery funding. Losing most of the people who had been putting so much effort into organising and putting people in their place who are frightened of the open road.

  8. Buzz - I totally agree with you. BC are pretty much a disgrace in terms of what they have done to Road Racing. They seem to put all their efforts into the track and sportives.

  9. Rode a BC 4th cat race last season, 60 riders paying 15 each (minimum, some had paid day licences as well).
    Grand total of 5 prizes !

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