1st race of the year.

It seems like all that hard work is paying off. Last year was my first year as a giant fatty riding a bike, race 5 times(excluding the TT's) for the experience and it was a steep learning curve!!!
Did my first race Cat 4 only on a closed circuit - mountbatten today. Raced realy aggressively but it still finished in a sprint. Crashed making a run at the win and slid accross the line on my face but still took fourth although it could have been better. Very happy as it shows all that agony on the turbo and the hours and hours out in the

  1. Bravo Bigold, a good season is on the way, I'm sure.
    Keep us informed how it goes

  2. Whole new meaning to a face off BOSH...well done sir! I hope if it wasn't your fault you turned the other cheek!!! :o

  3. Not my fault, i held my line, the guy (who would have won if he had been a little more disciplined) knocked my bar on the way past, i managde to keep straight but he then dropped accross into my front wheel. Stayed up first couple of seconds but then went down. Expensive but no bad feeling. He like me, just wanted to win. Thats racing. Very happy indeed with my race (even before the points)hopefully i can build on it now. 4 more points and first season goal achieved!

  4. Well done BOSH - you put us idle pleasure cyclists to shame with your dedication and professional attitude!! Glad to see it's paying off - stay upright and who knows what you can achieve!

  5. i hope u screamed that guy down after the finish! thankfully u were wearing a helmet eh...

  6. ... I hope you didn't graze your helmet Big Fella - that can be rather painful.

  7. cycling , for pleasure???? Whatever next! was wearing a helmet but as usual it had no role in protecting me whatsoever. Will be making some efforts to stay upright in the future. Screaming was not required. In the intial finish list he wasnt placed, think the organisers removed him from the finmish sheet BUT tha will be confirmed later. Also there are plenty of tired careless movements in a race no-one is doing it on purpose.(i hope) :D

  8. well done bosh

  9. It did look nasty! But you beat my brother who was in the same race so well done.
    Keep it up (not the crashing) and you'll be racing me in the 3rds in no time ;)

  10. Get you in the 3/4's on a weds night anywany tom!

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