Tro-Bro Léon

This is a French one-day race also on Sunday. They showed a bit of it once a few years ago on Eurosport and it looked quite good - never to show it again!

Anyway, if you want to play here is the info:

Information here:

Provisional start list here:

2 riders by 9.30 am BST Sunday

  1. jeremy Roy
    Ian Bibby

  2. 134 TIERNAN-LOCKE Jonathan
    ROY Jy

  3. FEILLU Romain
    FEDRIGO Pierrick

  4. Sebastien Chavanel
    Jimmy Casper

  5. Beware people when picking Edura riders for this race. The CF start list is out of date, Alex Wetterhall, JTL & Zak Dempster are currently in Spain riding the Castles & Lions race with the final stg on sunday the same day as this race ..

  6. Sa Haddou
    Sastien Chavanel

  7. It will be streaming live on France 3 Bretagne :-))
    let's hope I can find an accurate start list in time. Don't like the way teams have started entering races and not sending the same riders :-((

  8. JTL has abandond Castles & Lions and the race is been affected by bad weather, Klodi also out of it..
    Agree with you Dang re start lists..

  9. 28 ROY Jy France
    48 PICHON Laurent France
    Mersi bras Ms Tree

  10. Engoulvent

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