Tour of Switzerland 10/6/17-18/6/17

  1. Thanks, man!

  2. Yaaay, thanks Wuv, clearly I am the Jacky Durand of the predictions league! In the absence of a Maglia Near, I hereby offer to all you lovely chance to win a signed pair of my very own Primani microfibre pants - the perfect answer to bibs/Botty hygiene. I could always wipe I guess...

    To win, just answer the following question.

    'Where did I meet the lovely Eduardo?'

    a) a little cottage by the sea?

    b) Madame JoJo's?

    c) on the Wiggle Magnificat, when I suffered a puncture?

    d) on Southampton Docks selling pins?

    Over to you, kids xxxxx

  3. That's a tricky one NobbyK.

    I used to live in a little cottage by the sea.

    I have recently been spending a lot of time around Southampton Docks, it makes a change from the Wiltshire squaddies.

    I used to go to Wiggle, though it wasn't very magnificat

    I have no idea what Madame Jo Jo's is.

    So, that one?

  4. I've now done some research.

    NobbyK met Eduardo at the Wiggle magnificent cat. And I claim my ten bob.

  5. One pair of slightly used Primani microfibre pants on its way to Wuverley Towers! Madame JoJo's is a fabulous drag bar off Compton St but, oh, imagine the romance of a wedding speech opening with the heady lines 'Our eyes met through a hole in a cubicle door on the A31 outside Alresford' sigh....

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