Prediction League Round Up 12/9/17

Good evening.

It's been a month since I updated our league scores. Now we've had three races, Hamburg, Plouay and the Vuelta a Espana, so the totals have moved on quite a bit.

I'm sure you're desperate to know what they are.

Here they are then...

Richard Teahon 18

Jelle Poelmans 160

not much change there...

NobbyK 811, yacht owners on the Hamble can rest easy.

MsTree 1055, over the magic 1000

TroyUK 2211, slipped a place.

fizban 2256, up a place

stvn 2286, slipped a place.

Cenner Hice 2348, up a place.

wuverley 2546, marking time.

Right then.

The remaining races I will be posting will be:

At the World Championships

Women's Team Trial Sunday 17/9/17

Men's Team Time Trial 17/9/17

Women's Elite Time Trial 19/9/17

Men's Elite Time Trial 20/9/17

Women's Elite Road Race 23/9/17

Men's Elite Road Race 24/9/17

and after those

Tour of Lombardy 7/10/17.

So there are seven remaining counting races this year, and with four time trials there are lots of points still at stake. It's all to play for.


  1. wuverley earlier you mentioned Paris-Tours.  According to Procycling mag it's on 8 October and is now 1H.C. rather that world tour - it says a choice by the organisers rather than the uci.

  2. Last time I looked I couldn't find anything current on the internet. I'll have another look now. Cheers

  3. It looks like it might well be happening. I'll reconsider the situation nearer the time. Either the Tour of Lombardy, or possibly Paris-Tours will be the last race of the season. (I'm aware that Paris-Tours stopped being a World Tour event a few years ago, but I'm fond of it, and it might be a suitable season closer.)

    The Tour of Lombardy is definitely a race we'll be predicting.

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