Giro del Trentino

Giro del Trentino 17 - 20 April

Change of race from the list but as it's on Eurosport thought I'd include it.

Official site here:

Other bumf:

Provisional start list :

2 riders please by 9.30 am BST Tuesday

  1. JosSerpa

  2. Nice to see this included MsTree thanks. A nice prep race for the best race on earth the Giro. Some serious gradeient on stg3 and stg4 looks like a 100 plus km uphill.
    Really looking forward to this race.. Ta..

  3. Cunego is on start list for this and Flech wallone guys and ladies

  4. Damiano Cunego
    Ivan Basso

  5. John Gadret
    Roman Kreuziger
    and thanks for the head up it's on eurosport didn't spot that Sky+ing as I type

  6. Michele SCARPONI
    Allesandro BALLAN
    Ciao .

  7. Basso

  8. CHANGE!!
    Just realised that St 1 is a TTT so if you would like to pick ONE team for this it will add to points!

  9. Liquigas 

  10. Kreuziger

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