New Team GB London 2012 Kit

with the new kit launched today, what do you think? personally i am not too keen. think it could have gone a lot further

  1. Once again the cause of celebrity takes precedence over substance. It looks like a misty day in Scotland. Awful. Brad said as much on Twitter too it seems.
    Surely a British company could have done better?

  2. Is National Rail a new sponsor? I don't mind it but was expecting something closer to the current Union flag GB cycle kit.

  3. Still they wouldn't call them ...Team GB.....Hate that term

  4. My first thought was "It's a bit like the 7stanes MTB jersey..but blue!" ...Chris Hoys jersey does look like the number 7.

  5. I'm on the fence; as I'm undecided ! I'm sure I'll get to like it more, as Team GB get some racing done in the new team kit.

  6. Not wanting to offend our friends north of civilisation

  7. Maybe Stella spent too much time on the Mull of Kintyre as a kid!! Which is no bad thing by the way...with mists rolling in from the sea and all that!

  8. Ah, that's it! Under our noses all the time but we didn't see the subtle clue … McCartney.
    It was an inside job ;)

  9. I actually quite like it..although most of my kit is blue,so i guess i would! They should maybe have added an accent of red so it didn't quite look like team scotland :)
    We'll all get used to it when it's on the podium in the summer..

  10. The accent of red is there, have you seen some of the shoulder pads! Plus socks and shoes. Some of the versions of the kit are truly awful, and I say this with a smile and glad I don't have to wear it.

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