new drugs found

surprise surprise, gues what ??? the french doping agency says riders in this years tour have been using new doping products shock Horror!!!!
products are hematide - Aicar - GW1516
check them out on google, Aicar site tells you how to use and where to buy it.
what do the UCI do, they decide they need a new doping agency to do what they tell them?? yep thats the way to stop doping in cycling. employ a lab that does not find any positives. there was a good article about this in Pro News Mag last month.

  1. First line of website:
    "Scientists have created a simple pill that produces the health, weight and fitnesss benefits of of aerobic exercise without having to lift a finger."
    That sounds like a company I could really rely on to give accurate advice on drugs and exercise.
    Further down:
    "Why should you want the befit of AICAR? "
    I was assuing that was the official website for the manufacturer but surely not?? :D

  2. They've spotted a market & think they can't be caught!

  3. didnt realise the tdf riders were human guinea pigs ! with rasmussen - is he hanging about with sadam ?...eerie

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