Still not sure what bike to go for Help

Hi all

Am new to the forum and new to cycling My name is Tony and I'm a 66 year old man who used to run marathons and half marathons but have suffered from early stages of an arthritic knee over the last few years which has stopped my running I have also a year ago undergone a full postrate cancer removal operation, which was successful

But now I need to do some fitness and cycling seems the best low impact sport i can take up, picking the right bike is a minefield but I am pretty sure I need a road bike (I did have a mountain bike some years ago but found it hard work) but cannot make up my mind whether it should be drop handlebars or straight ones, so any advice would really be welcome.

I have sat on both at a local shop but until your on the road not sure how comfortable either type will be.

Obviously I will not be using the bike for real racing but i do like speed and will be using the bike on the roads

Any help or suggestions please

  1. Hi Tony,  welcome  aboard! Do you have  a particular  budget in mind? Some flat bar road  bikes  can roll almost as fast as drops.  One advantage  is that you have a more  upright  riding position  in traffic,  but the downside  is that you are less aerodynamic.  A good bike shop will give you advice  re the  best size for you.  If you're  aiming at the budget end of the market (under 500) the BTW in range from Decathlon get extremely  good reviews  (both flat and dropped bars) The Speciaized  Allez range  and the Boardman get great reviews too.  If youre a Marxist with double standards  like me,  The Wiggle Road Bike (globalisation  and the Internet brands killing the independent  LBS etc etc) is a great buy  at only £250. Questions,  questions  questions.... 

  2. Thanks for your help NOBBYK I suppose I am at the budget end at present and have looked at the BTW Triban 520 and the 500SE as we have a Decathlon near us over here in Spain, I like the look of the Boardman and the review it gets but unfortunatly can find nowhere over here that stocks it. The same with the Wiggle Road, so am going to Decathlon to sit on and test drive the BTW's then I will know excactly what I want (I Hope), and if its not BTW then I can order one of the others and have it delivered to me here, more expensive but dont really want to get the wrong bike.

    Thanks again for you help much appreciated

  3. Having now looked at several bikes I think I will be going for a hybrid bike around 500 euros budget anybody have any suggestions.

    My favorite at present is the B'Twin Triban 520 FB Flat road bike am off to try it on Wednesday

  4. Well greatly disappointed the BTwin 520 is not available here in Spain so back to the drawing board 

  5. Am now looking at the Trek DS1 or DS2 but have to travel to Alicante to their own shop to be able to test ride them, oh well its a nice day out and hopefully worth it.


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