Rheumatoid arthritis

  1. Hi all, once again reading this ,makes me determined to get back to where i was before Prostate woes!! inspirational all you guys!!  (and btw, I`m a Viet-Nam vet,including wounds!) makes me feel very humble what you achieve, and the rest of us  moan! I`m sure your efforts inspire more than just me,and for many other reason`s...keep at it. regards to all who "try"  Syd (Portugal resident, British by birth)

  2. I've got arthritis in my hands and saw an alternative practitioner a year ago.  I was told to stop eating ALL pork products, oranges, grapefruit and chocolate!  Also take some alternative remedies.  Has definitely helped but have had a review and now tomatoes are off the list too which is annoying.  

    I have also been doing Pilates for 3 1/2 years and this is also good as it helps build up the core muscles and keeps me mobile.

  3. I have suffered with RA for 5 years and though worried by it I still work on as a carpenter and now into cycling after always playing sport for 30 years, doctor said running and impact sports are out. I have cycled for 2 years and now starting to improve average speed, endurance etc, just set up ritmo which is 11.1 though yet to understand what it means but I know I have improved in spite of this condition and will be taking part in the Exmoor Beast 100mile on Oct18. If you let it, RA will crush your spirit, believe you are a Spartan, don't be afraid to challenge yourself.

  4. Hey guys, just to let you know, cycling with RA is very doable!

    In 2013 I rode only 242 miles - these were rough miles to say the least
    In 2014 I stepped that up to 1,155 miles and now so far this year I am already at 1,185 and still going!

    At the same time, my rheumatologist has been able to dramatically decrease my medicitation by 2/3s.

    While most of the miles were this year were road & cross miles sue to climbing issues at altitude, recently I have been able to get back into the mountain on my mountain bike.

    Here is a photo from this weekend.

  5. As a suffere, although it is generally very well-controlled by what are called biological treatments, at huge expense to the NHS as well, I am currently finding that long rides are very painful and I have difficulty maintaining a good grip on the hoods or the drops. I take common-sense approach, varying my position between the drops , hoods and tops plus have decent mitts but it still can be very painful after an hour or so. My MTB is better with the flat bars but it makes time-trialling tough. I don't know how easy tri-bars will be yet.All suggestions wwoud be welcome; thanks in advance.

    Luckily Paracetamol and non-steroidals are not banned substances for competition!

    I need smooth roads all thetime really!

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