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    As a suffere, although it is generally very well-controlled by what are called biological treatments, at huge expense...
    By hawker (1243 POSTS)
    07 Apr 2017 14:30:28 View
  2. Hi April I maybe able to help and offer you some advice here.  Where in the buttock is the pain?   Does the pain ra...
    By Geoff Gardener (2 POSTS)
    03 Jul 2016 20:29:55 View
  3. Something similar? Yep: Twenty five years ago today/tomorrow ie midsummer, I was one of six riders who rode it in rel...
    By hawker (1243 POSTS)
    21 Jun 2016 9:40:35 View
  4. I haven't looked at that training plan, if it should say in the plan, if not..... if you find it hard to do the 5 min...
    By fozzie 500 (337 POSTS)
    29 Mar 2016 14:53:45 View
  5. I read that as switching from The Morning Star to The Daily Mail. Which surprised me, until I re-read the post. The o...
    By wuverley (9905 POSTS)
    05 Mar 2016 22:48:19 View
  6. To keep body fit and active it is good to do exercise daily in every season. I also like to do running and some joggi...
    By Darryl Spiers (4 POSTS)
    07 Dec 2015 13:56:55 View
  7. Riding a closed circuit, the aim (given no one else on the track) would be to ride the most efficient line each lap, ...
    By niceguypaulie (35 POSTS)
    09 Oct 2015 17:48:00 View
  8. You've got three months. So just get out on the bike.  Try to ride at least three times a week but not more than fiv...
    By wuverley (9905 POSTS)
    10 Jun 2015 22:47:55 View
  9. Hi everyone with an ex-pro friend, we're building up a company in Megeve, France, located at 1 hour of Geneva Airport...
    By comparax (2 POSTS)
    01 May 2015 9:51:24 View
  10. Thank you both - much appreciated!   
    By Louise King (2 POSTS)
    24 Feb 2015 8:44:26 View
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