Just wondering if anyone else was using to keep track of their rides.

A friend found it and since we ride more separately than together it has some interesting features for comparing times and stopping us from focusing solely on a ride's overall average speed/time. We're using the free account option.

It needs a GPS enabled device (there are smartphone apps too) to record the ride. When the tracklog is uploaded it then checks to see if you have ridden any parts of road (or off-road) that have been defined as segments. Segments then have leader boards and long/steep segments get classified too. After uploading a track log you can also make your own segments and that will be populated will leader board based on all those that have ridden it earlier too.

It's a different way to see how you are doing against other riders, known and unknown, plus it keeps a log of all your times on a segment so you can see how you are doing today.

I've found some interesting new road segments to ride now and it's always fun to beat a friend's best time, even if you aren't overall KOM :)

Another nice feature is that it allows you to define privacy zones for start and end of logs, so it won't display where your house/work etc. actually is. However, I usually edit off the start/end points first cos I'm normally fettling in the garden, and there're traffic light very close by too.

  1. i started using strava last week on my i phone.
    im really impressed with it, it does however drain the phone batteries quickly...

  2. All GPS apps on phones drain the battery quite quickly, which is why I use a Garmin so that I know that the phone should still have life in it.

  3. allezhopper All GPS apps on phones drain the battery quite quickly, which is why I use a Garmin so that I know that the phone should still have life in it.
    i must put a Garmin on my Christmas list lol:cool:

  4. Depending on what you want it to do … just road riding, or add in off-road … then there is a question which is best. My riding bud has an Edge 500 but he is now thinking of a mapping GPS for off-road after using my old eTrex Vista HCx. My Garmin is the Dakota 20, which looks like a bar of soap attached the the stem, but does show OS maps.
    The basic Edge 200 or eTrex will track logs and give speed, distance etc. info. Various ones support HRM and cadence sensor. Strava definitely works with the Edge 500 (tested by my bud), the Dakota needs to have the GPX file uploaded via their website - I raised the point of direct upload with Strava and it sounds like they might add it, sometime.
    Mapping GPS are useful for switching on the auto-route feature when you just want to get back, and there is a free download of OpenStreetMap for Garmins ( so you don't have to buy their maps - though OpenStreetMap doesn't have all tracks and roads on it it does have most of them, and did I mention it's free? It works with the mapping capable Edge, Dakota (and similar looking, bigger ones), eTrex (old and new ones).

  5. yep, I use strava uploaded form my Garmin Edge 705, it's great fun. I have a mate who lives locally, but we can rarely get out to ride together. Strava is great for comparing your rides, especially up recognised climbs/segments & giving you KOM standings (It does make you competitive, and rather protective of your standing on the list). I just wish Garmin Connect had this same feature.

  6. thanks for your recommendation ,i will access the site !

  7. I've just signed up to Strava and it's really really good. I like the extra analysis you get over the Garmin connect website and the ability to drill down into the stats. I will add to both for the moment, but will see over time which one wins out.
    One useful feature is the ability to blur the location of you start / end work commutes to make things a bit safer if your account is public.

  8. i stared last year but not many people my age to compare with.

  9. drawkrb i stared last year but not many people my age to compare with.

    You mean under "24 and under"?

  10. If anyone wants a free month of Strava premium, try this code - vamoscycling2012

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