Pelvic fracture

I have been diagnosed with a undisplaced pelvic fracture (pubic ramis) due to a fall at high speed on the bike. I am now two weeks into the recovery and am now on one crutch. It appears that being physically fit from cycling these years has assisted my recovery. My question is this: how long can it take to get back on riding on the bike? I would really like to get back to riding the bike again.

I am probably able to ride on a turbo trainer (spinning the legs) but I have resisted this for obvious reasons. My coach has encouraged me to sit on the turbo and just spin the legs. I would like to try this but am fearful at the same time. Any advice appreciated.:D

  1. Ouch!
    What was the medical advice on how long it would take to mend? I know they normally ask what you did to cause the accident and then they parrot back that you should avoid doing it for x weeks, but you don't want to have years of aches on the saddle either.
    I know it's frustrating not being able to do what you want to, but good luck with the recovery.

  2. Well, allezhopper thank you for your wise words...After almost 25 days of virtually no riding, I have resumed training (only high cadence spinning per Doc's suggestion). And my heart rate is much higher than normal carrying out aerobic exercises. This business of being unfit is challenging. How much longer this will continue, I do not know! Any suggestions?

  3. 6 - 10 weeks for pelvic fracture such as this is the norm, but of course cycling puts a fair amount of stress on this area, so maybe a little longer :-( dont want it to become displaced!!

  4. :D

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