Burnt out legs

I have had a problem with my legs for past 5 weeks.
I had a good January mileage of 650, but due to a house move it droped to 100 in Feb. Panicking about Feb's low miles and taking advantage of the good weatherI went too hard in March, doing 300 in a week and about 750 overall.
Trouble is my legs will not recover, every time I go out there is nothing in them, really aching.
I even had a sports massage.
Any ideas or is it just rest.

  1. Seen a prog. a few weeks back,this rugby team had a hard workout,half had their usual super duper recovery stuff, the other half had... milk !! guess who recovered the most,as in less muscle pain?? yup the milk half.Just a thought

  2. The exercise is very best way to remove this type of disease because we get fresh during the exercise.
    And you should also join a gym and do the exercise game on modern machinery and also take advice with your doctor.

  3. Saw the same program as colnagodram.... bit of a fix really since what they needed was a protein rich recovery drink. Milk was more effective because the sports drink was an energy drink and didn't contain protein...

    My advice would be to be sure to allow yourselft time for recovery. Take a few days off and then increase your mileage gradually.

  4. Protein and Iron, (eat your greens) play a big part in maintaining a good level of fitness!

  5. Over winter I've been doing a good few miles and now it's warming up I try and get out twice per day, 30 miles in morning and 30-45 at night...I was suffering fairly tired legs, they were just lacking a bit of zip. I'm not sure what exactly is the best thing I did or just a combo of all but after the morning ride I get a bath (hate showers), breakfast, milk, then spend the day in compression leggings. Whether it's the compression bit that does the trick or the simple fact that my legs are kept warm but they certainly help. My leggings were 8 from Aldi, they always have them under different guises, motorbike, cycling or snowboarding compression leggings all seem to do the same job and look the same too so no waiting about for cycle specific kit... for 8 it's worth a try

  6. I've been getting back into riding after a few years off and i've also been getting sore legs, cheers for some of the tips. Might try a bit of extra milk first

  7. There has been quite a lot of articles in the fitness press and even the newspapers regarding lowfat chocolate milk drinks for recovery, apparently the chocolate contains something that helps the milk repair muscles. I make a pint of 1% milkshake with drinking chocolate and I think it helps, I havent carried out comparisons with energy drinks, but I do think it helps.

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