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    Hello. I am very experienced, having raced and done sportives for years but find re covery is a big problem right now...
    By hawker (1205 POSTS)
    21 Sep 2017 12:57:36 View
  2. Hello all, I have noticed that sometimes in the morning, exercise that is usually 40-60 minutes goes pretty well. I a...
    By Joe Clark (2 POSTS)
    21 Sep 2017 11:28:02 View
  3. Hi there, A famous proverb says " Health is wealth". It is actually very true. Only if the body is healthy we will be...
    By Joe Clark (2 POSTS)
    21 Sep 2017 11:25:56 View
  4. hi all, I'm taking part in my first sportive in three weeks, the Loch Ness ETAPE. Trainings going pretty well, but th...
    By Graham Campbell (1 POSTS)
    01 Apr 2017 10:02:21 View
  5. Cheers Andrew for getting back to me, i'm booked in next week.
    By kevin sephton (2 POSTS)
    02 Mar 2017 20:06:42 View
  6. NobbyK Processed Pork anyone..   I'm sure that would slow you down, not improve either running or cycling....
    By fizban (4038 POSTS)
    01 Feb 2017 13:45:39 View
  7. Entered the Tour of Ayrshire Gran Fondo next April in the conservative 14-16 mph class.Fitness is average, will be ab...
    By Rob Taylor (7 POSTS)
    07 Nov 2016 18:29:33 View
  8. Wuv, my heart! The nearest I've ever been to Miguel Indurain is Singing Indurain! With apologies to Big Mig and for e...
    By NobbyK (2774 POSTS)
    09 Sep 2016 0:28:42 View
  9. Hey Rob,    Are you still getting this problem? 
    By Geoff Gardener (2 POSTS)
    03 Jul 2016 20:33:38 View
  10. Not too far and not too soon, aim to increase your mileage by 5 - 10% a week. Try and get a 75 miler in a couple of w...
    By johnstrac (4143 POSTS)
    01 Jun 2016 18:07:17 View
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