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If I am honest it wasn’t a shock being told I had Type 2 Diabetes. I knew something was up as I found myself desperately thirsty at all times, I gained a load of weight and I found myself needing a nap in the middle of the day. I had been making changes to my life albeit slowly. I gave up drinking about 4 years ago followed by smoking 3 years ago but I couldn’t kick my one weakness – food!

To put it simply I was a pig. If I was asked I would go supersize. I thought nothing of munching my way through a big slab of chocolate in an evening. I did try a little by having diet cola rather than the full sugar but there I was close to 18 stone with nobody to blame but myself.

I had lost a large amount of weight about 10 years ago on a low-carb diet but that all came back on after the birth of my daughter when I just didn’t bother to follow it any more.

Years of working away hadn’t helped. Healthy meal or curry and beer? Easy choice for a man living out of a suitcase. If not curry then Pizza or Ribs or Burger and Chips. Always a diet cola though.

I was a latecomer to cycling. I had done it when I was a child but it was always just messing about on my bike rather than anything serious. Football was my sport but more of that another time.

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