CW.CC riders' stories: The restless days of winter

02 Dec 2013

Decathlon UK is the proud to sponsor CW.CC, and are featuring the stories of some of our members on their blog. The latest features Dave O'Keeffe discussing his passion for winter cycling and is available here. If you would like your story to feature on the blog, please get in touch!

The arrival of winter and its uncertainty will always pose a challenge for any type of cyclist be they a commuter or a rider intent on just maintaining a level of fitness over the winter.

The challenge may be sometimes motivation or even the warmth of the family bosom. But the winter is a time I love riding my bike. All I need is a bike that is well-serviced and warm clothing. The season of winter will always have a grumpy appearance but the road will always beat the turbo for quality and satisfaction.

The early morning rides can be the hardest and the most beautiful as the day dawns to release you to the road. As the last gulp of coffee goes down and the family are still soundly asleep, I close the door and enter a different world. 

Read the full entry over on the Decathlon UK blog.


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    Complacency, eh? ...we'll all be dead soon when Trump starts the nuclear armageddon. Never mind, we won't know about it until it's all over, the few who survive.

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