Now when you visit CW.CC website on your mobile phone you’ll see a version of the site designed to be easier to use on small touch screens.

Most of the features from the desktop site are available in the mobile friendly format including, your profile, training diaries, forums, photos, articles, leader boards, RiTMO, challenge and virtual races. 

There are a couple of things that are still best done on a desktop such as uploading rides from your GPS or buying a training plan.

But all in all, we hope the mobile version of the site makes it easier for you to enjoy CW.CC website on a small screen.

As ever, feedback very welcome. Click here to post a comment.


  1. Stage 18 Giro d'Italia 26/5/16

    This stage has "breakaway" written all over it... But, again, I'll hedge:   Valverde & Nico Roche   :D

  2. Your Longest ride?

    Cenner , Just rideat your sustainable pace, keep taking fuel on board and keep spinning tose pedals. You;ll get there. Knowing your pacing level for effort  is critical for these long rides Listen to...

  3. Your Longest ride?

    Willy waving warning (or not, really). Runkeeper suggests the furthest I've ridden is 115 miles (185km) last September. Flat route so no genital gyration. However, next month I'll be doing the coast...

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