Ratings for Road Cyclists

adj: pace, rhythm

What is a RiTMO Rating?

A RiTMO Rating is a rolling average performance score of your best three most recent rides. It's a measure of your performance on any route taking into account your ride time along with 8 route variables including distance, elevation & gradient.

The ratings go from 0 to 28, lower means better & only the best riders are good enough to reach 0. Your RiTMO Rating is the one simple number that tells you how you're performing.

Like a golf handicap, if its's going down, your\re getting better and if its's going up... well, it happes to us all sometimes. Everyone, from elite athletes to occasional Sunday cyclists are on the same RiTMO scale regardless of where they ride. A RiTMO Rating of 9 means the same in Dartfor or Dallas, and lower always means better.

How are RiTMO ratings calculated?

We've analysed thousands of riders' best to,es pver cpimt;ess rpites - long, short, hilly, flat etc. to understand how riders of different ability perform on different types of routes.

This has eneabled us to formulate the RiTMO performance algorithm. When you upload your rides we're able to rate your ride time judged against how all other riders would complete the same course. Here's how it works for you...

Upload a ride with a route longer than 16km (10 miles) and the RiTMO algorithm takes into account your ride time along with 8 route variables including distance, elevation & gradient to calculate your RiTMO ride performance score.

Your overall RiTMO Rating is a rolling average of your lowest (best) RiTMO Scores from the last 6 months including at least one from the last 2 months.

How do I get a RiTMO Rating?

To get your first RiTMO Rating, you need to join RiTMO (registration is FREE and only takes a couple of minutes) and upload at least three rides of 16km (10 miles) or longer. Two of the rides need to have been completed in the last six months and one of them needs to be from the last two months.

All eligible rides must include a map of your ride route. The easiest way for you to log a ride with a map is to use the RiTMO GPS Cycling App. Alternatively you can sync your account with either Strava or Garmin Connect, upload directly from a number of watch devices or upload a GPX/TCX/FIT ride file. If you manually add rides, you will also need to manually map your ride route which you can do here. You can ride any routes over 16km (10 miles), anywhere in the world to get your RiTMO Rating. The distance and terrain are taken into account automatically

Once you've got a RiTMO Rating, you will need to log at least one ride every two months to keep it current. If you can't quite manage that, and your RiTMO Rating lapses, it's no big deal - all your historical rides are kept in the system and when you upload a new ride, your RiTMO will become current again.

What can I do with my RiTMO Rating?

Motivate your training

Your RiTMO Rating is your overall performance rating. It's based on a weighted average of your best three recent performances so it measures how well you're currently performing when you're trying your hardest. It's the number to keep an eye on. You can use your RiTMO Rating as a tool to motivate your training and track improvements in your overall riding ability.

You can see your RiTMO Ranking at the top of the RiTMO Rankings leaderboard and on your profile page. Your average RiTMO speed, distance and climb stats are the average from the rides that count towards your current RiTMO Rating. They help to tell you what your relative strengths are. If you and your friend have the same RiTMO Rating, you're generally about as good as each other. But if you're Ave RiTMO Speed is higher and Ave RiTMO Distance is lower, it probably means you're faster than they are over shorter distances and they're faster than you over longer distances.

Each qualifying ride you log is given a RiTMO score so you can see how your performance for each ride compares to your overall current RiTMO ranking. For a gentle recovery ride, your score will clearly be higher (or worse), while for an all-out effort it'll be lower (or better). But don't sweat: only the best rides count towards your overall RiTMO Rating.

Compare yourself to other riders in different locations

What’s more, you can use your RiTMO Rating to compare your riding ability against other members, regardless of where they ride.

Predict how long it will take you to ride a route

RiTMO Times are shown on routes. These are predictions of how long it would take an average rider to complete a route and your predicted ride time. You can manually plot a new route before you ride it and use RiTMO to help you plan your expected ride time.

Find other riders at a similar standard to you

RiTMO makes it easy to find new people to ride with who live near you and ride at your pace so you don't have to worry about being dropped on every hill or getting cold hanging around for slower riders.